L’Atelier de la table: Recipes

Find your favorite culinary moments

Do you remember this dish that made your taste buds dance during your stay with us? We have a surprise for you! Immerse yourself in the world of our special recipes, the secrets behind each dish you have enjoyed at our table.

Recipes that tell stories

Every dish we serve has a story to tell. Recipes passed down from generation to generation, family secrets shared with love. Dive into our collection of recipes and relive precious moments gone by.

Explore, cook, taste

Now you have the opportunity to bring a piece of our table to yours. Find the secrets behind every flavor, every spice blend, and recreate the dish at home. Make your kitchen a place where our memories meet yours.

Start your culinary adventure

It's time to create new stories around your table. Choose a recipe, prepare your utensils, and let the magic happen in your kitchen.Don't hesitate to share your creations with us, because after all, cooking is nothing without sharing.

So, are you ready to embark on this gourmet adventure?


Discover the recipes in our workshop blog. Join us to explore new recipes, cooking tips and exciting stories: Recipes section In the Kitchen